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>>> tonight on "nightline," katherine jackson speaks. an abc news exclusive. michael jackson's mother speaks out for the first time since granddaughter paris tweeted that she was missing. >> i'm fine and i'm here with my children. >> as a bitter custody battle plays out in court. >>> brand it like beckham. he's sol cologne, razors, even underwear. now, he's selling england with a secret role in the olympics opening ceremony. we try to get hints. >>> and their on-screen romance in "twilight" famously turned real. but today, a reported cheating scandal has kristen stewart issuing an apology. tonight, a surprising look at what happened when women cheat. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, and terry moran in washington, this is "nightline," july 25th, 2012. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. the king of pop may be gone, but the turmoil and drama in michael jackson's family continues. and tonight, his mother, katherine jackson, is speaking out in an abc news exclusive. after conflicting reports over her whereabo
, his mother, katherine jackson, is speaking out in an abc news exclusive. after conflicting reports over her whereabouts in the last week sparked public family feuds including a battle that played out in court today, over custody of michael's three children, paris, prince and blanket, katherine jackson is coming forward to break her silence. here's abc's nick watt. >> hello. i'm katherine jackson. >> reporter: and with those words, her first public words in ten days, the jackson clan matriarch, surrounded by her children, jermaine, janet and rebbie, her daughter, and the marketing director at the resort where she's staying, katherine gave her side of this explosive story. >> there are rumors going around about me that i've been kidnapped and held against my will. i'll here today to let everybody know that i'm fine and i'm here with my children and my children would never do a thing like that, hold me against my will. it's very stupid of people to think that. >> reporter: late saturday night, katherine's nephew trent reported her missing from the jackson compound in calabasas. paris
on this family feud. >> hello? i'm katherine jackson. >> reporter: and with those words, her first public words in ten days, the jackson clan matriarch, katherine gave her side of this explosive story. >> there are rumors about me being kidnapped and held against my will. i'm here today to let everybody know, i'm fine. i'm here with my children. they would never do a thing like that, holding me against my will. it's very stupid for people to think that. >> reporter: late saturday night, katherine's nephew trent -- >> he said everything was going fine, but, i'm still -- i was still thinking about the children. i still worry about them. but they're fine. >> reporter: here the a resort in tucson, arizona. jermaine explained she's there on doctor's orders. she was reading a script. she needed help from time to time. michael jackson's will gave custody to his mother. in a courtroom, temporary customer was handed over to tito's son, 34-year-old t.j. jackson. >> i'm def tated that my grandchildren have been taken away from me. >> reporter: in court, the judge said katherine is being prevented by actin
. >> the jackson family feud takes another bizarre twist. katherine jackson speaks for the first time after losing temporary custody of her son michael's three children. the new questions she is now raising. >>> ebay has a plan to target younger >>> in washington the house has just passed a resolution condemning the mass theater shooting in colorado. a notebook believed to have been written by the suspect and mailed to the university of colorado believed to contain full details about how he was going to kill people. three hospitals will limit or completely cover the victims' medical bills. the congressman who represents aurora, colorado spoke this morning. >> aurora will never be the same after this horrific act of he occurred last week. the citizens are caring and resilient. >> warner brothers is pushing back the release of its movie "gangster squad" to january the film includes a scene where gangsters shoot into a crowded movie theater. >>> late michael jackson's mother is back home and reunited with his children after a strange absence. yesterday a judge temporarily took away katherine jackson'
grandmother, jackson family matriarch katherine jackson. turns out, four of katherine's children, rebbie, janet, jermaine and randy, had taken the 82-year-old to a spa in arizona, where she was hold up for ten days. because of that sudden disappearance, a california judge appointed her grandson, t.j. jackson, temporary guardian over michael's kids, prince, paris and blanket, the youngest. t.j., by the way, is the 34-year-old son of tito jackson. i hope you're keeping up with all this. but justay, katherine's attorney announced that she and t.j. had agreed to now share guardianship. even still, the drama is not over yet. joining me to make some sense out of all this, criminal defense attorney and jackson insider tom mesereau who famously defended michael jackson in his 2005 molestation trial. along with us, marco gonzalez, senior reporter for x-17 online. good morning to you both. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning, thank you. >> tom, let me start with you on this one. clearly a confusing story with a lot of moving parts. but despite all of that, what do you think is really go
katherine jackson will now share guardianship with t.j. jacks won, the 34-year-old son of tito jackson. katherine jackson's attorney says t.j. will take day-to-day responsibility for certain things including the day-to-day security. what does that mean? it means t.j. will be in charge of the children's day-to-day logistics and this will allow katherine to focus on being a grandmother to them. t.j. has been close to the children much of their lives. isn't michael's death, he's assisted in making decisions for them. this comes days after a las vegas judge overseeing the probate of michael jackson's estate named t.j. as temporary guardian because katherine jackson might have been prevented from being the guardian because of the acts of third parties. t.j.'s petition to be permanent guardian will be amended next week. they will ask the judge to make katherine and t.j. coguardians. after being gone for several days and her grandchildren saying they were worried, they hadn't heard from her, a missing person's report was filed. she was later found at an arizona spa. she was with several of he
. you can get your updates any time at we'll see you back here tomorrow. >>> what katherine jackson's sons are telling us after the family fight. >> the latest after a judge got involved in their family feud. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >>> the "weekend insider" is on. >> has katherine jackson given up the fight for michael's kids? the new agreement. >> my interview with the man who is temporarily in charge. >> my children would never hold me against my will. >> what this reporter witnessed during the tv statement guided by janet. >> i haven't talked to janet about that. i said, can we just ask her a couple pre-approved questions? she said, absolutely not. >> michael's kids versus their famous aunt. the text poechlted on the internet leaked. >> a 14 and 15-year-old kid are more pouberful than they are and making a laughingstock off them. >> emotional sit-down with the siblings on the other side. >> i don't know where my mother -- i'm sorry. >> kristen stewart caught cheating on robert pattinson with a married man. >> it will hurt her career a lot. >> the d
the family matriarch katherine jackson and named t.j. jackson in her place. he's now legally in charge of michael jackson's children. joining me now is former prosecutor turned civil attorney john kelly and alicia quarrels. new york correspondent for e! news. thank you both for being with me tonight. >> thank you. >> alicia, can you explain what happened in court today? >> so basically t.j. who's tito's son went and applied for temporary guardianship. now he can make all decisions for the children. who come in the house where the children live, and he also controls the $86,000 a month that katherine was getting from michael jackson's estate to take care of the kids. >> what basis legally could the judge have done that just on the word of t.j.? >> the other fact they took into consideration is katherine was missing from the household. the children returned from sleepover camp, the legal guardian were not there. the children were back in the house without anybody taking care of them at that time. they needed a guardian appointed. >> would you not think a judge would say i give the guardi
.5 games ahead of the dodgers for the division lead. michael jackson's mother katherine was reported missing. coming up with find out where she was found in would take a look a your entertainment news. >>kate: [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh. >>vicki: we can box office results were put on hold because of the are rushing tragedy. michael jackson's mother reported missing and a pop star mourns the death of his former stepson. >> is michael jackson's mother katherine missing as reported to police by her nephew or resting in prison on doctors' orders? michael's 15 year-old daughter paris says she is worried because the grandchildren have not heard from the family matriarch in a week. jermaine jackson said on twitter his mother is fine. he says fee for health is paramount and we're not inventing or plotting anything. attorney for katherine jackson
, prince and blank -- paris, prince and blanket. katherine jackson went to arizona for rest. tj said when he spoke with katherine over the phone, i never heard her talk like that. her words sounded slurred. she said she believes katherine is being held against her will. this came after randy, jermaine and janet went to the estate. >> janet jackson slapped paris jackson in the face. after the slap she said are a -- you're a spoiled little brat. paris slapped janet jackson back. >> where the kids did, tens of millions, hundreds of millions, potentially billions. >> randy told "good morning america," the executives created this because of a bogus will. how he could sign a will in los angeles when he was in new york. the state is using my mother, nephews and niece for financial gain. >> the exec cuetor said it's false. debbie roe, mother of two of the children must be notified of any change in guardianship. >> what is going on in anaheim. for the fourth straight day violence spills out on to the streets. people there are outraged over the -- liver involved -- police involved shooting. the lat
at new drama for the first family of music. music. 3 the jackson family drama intensified at katherine jackson's home!surveilance video surfaced tuesday... appearing to show a confrontation between michael jackson's teenage daughter, paris and janet jackson. witnesses say, janet and her brothers jermaine and randy went to the family matriarch's house...allegedly trying to convince paris and her older brother to leave with them.the incident reportedly happened the same day the l-a sherriff's department was called to katherine's home after reports of a "scuffle." deputies say, the spat involved randy, jermaine, and their cousin, trent jackson.a battery report was taken but, no arrests were made.ris made light of the situation tweeting quote "gotta love 3 fam."this bit of drama comes on the heels of a missing persons report filed over the weekend, claiming michael jackson's mother katherine had been missing.the late pop-icon's 82-year-old mother has custody of his children - who say... they haven't heard from their grandmother since july took to twitter tuesday saying quote... "
questions about what happened last friday night. >>> jackson family shocker. the family matriarch, katherine, is alive and well and back from arizona this morning, now devastated by losing temporary custody of michael's kids. >>> does green really turn into gold? cities around the world clamor to host the olympics. millions of dollars turn into promises of new buildings, millns of tourists, and a global audience. but is it true, is hosting the games actually bad business? >>> and deep-fried controversy. chicago the latest city to block chi chick-fil-a from coming to town. >> chick-fil-a's values are not chicago's values. >>> boston, jim henson, and now rahm emanuel joining the list against chick fill a. and now rick santorum is standing by chick-fil-a. "newsroom" begins right now. >>> good morning. thank you so much for joining us this morning. i'm carol costello. we begin with new details from the colorado shooting rampage. some are chilling, some reassuring. for the first time, neighbors of accused shooter james holmes are allowed to go back home. over the weekend, police diffused a catast
battle continues inside the jackson family. this morning, katherine jackson returned to her california home, and the son of michael jackson's brother, tito, he becomes the legal guardian of michael's three children. not katherine jackson. tj jackson went to court to be appointed temporary guardian of prince, paris, and prince michael ii. after the pop singer's death, his three kids have been in the custody of their grandmother, katherine. she spent several days at an arizona resort and yesterday katherine finally came out and said something. actually, she read a prepared statement to abc news. >> one reason why i haven't called is because i just gave up my phone. i didn't want to have any phone calls. and while i was here, my assistant, janis smith, had been calling back home to see how things have been going and keeping in contact with my nephew -- i mean my grandson, and he says everything was going fine. but i'm still -- i was still thinking about the children, and i still worry about them. but they're fine. >> aj hammer is with us now. so this continues to unfold. why the change in
katherine jackson in a moment. >>> then the latest on the colorado massacre investigation. you will hear how the hot topic of gun control has the the presidential candidates somewhat divided. still kind of delicately diving into this pool. very delicately. >> they're kind of tiptoeing around this thing. the bottom line is nothing is going to happen, no matter what obama or romney says. capitol hill is not going to act on this as we have said for days. certainly interesting comments from both camps yesterday. >>> also on this thursday morning, crops are burning up and feed for cattle and chicken are costing a bundle. the problem doesn't end there. wait until you hear about your grocery bills. we are all going to pay the price for this drought. >>> the hot twilight actress who owned up to having an affair with an older married man who directed her latest film. it is kristin stewart's private sex life and it is now public. rob will have all the details with the story heft h. he has been on it since day one. by it, i don't mean kristin stewart. >> i am not condoning infidelity. it is nice for on
. >>> investigators believe katherine jackson, the matriarch of the jackson singing clan is safe with relatives in arizona. katherine jackson had been missing for several days. she is the guardian of michael jackson's three children, and one of them, paris, tweeted last night that she had not spoken to her grandmother in a week, and that she was missing. the family drama unfolded days after it was revealed that some of katherine jackson's children wrote a letter to the executors of jackson's estate, which left his foreign to his mother and his children and charity, was a fake. the estate denies the ang cue sayings. >> a del luge in china where areas are getting the worst floodingy 60 years. a mild day today out here but get ready for a cooldown this >>> this is dramatic individual crow from northern china where firefighters rescued a man from a flashflood. with five other members of his family died after rains engulfed their truck that got caught in a dry river channel. he escaped with just minor injuries. >> heavy rains also left drivers stranded on roads in beijing. more than eight inches fel
since paris tweeted that she was missing. katherine jackson says there are a lot of lies surrounding her family drama. >> there are rumors going out about me about i was kidnapped and held against my will. i am here to let everybody know i am fine. >> tito jackson was named temporary guardian after he was worried the chirp would thought let her go home. she has not spoken to her grandchildren since july 15th despite numerous attempts to reach her. you can hear katherine jackson's full statement, and why she said she would not speak to her grandchildren. >>> a modesto gas station is the focus of protests after an employee told a veteran he was not welcome. nearly 100 people held signs outside this chevron station. the air force reservist went in to buy a soda, but huey was told -- but he was told he was not welcome because of his military connection. >> he said he didn't like serving my people, that my people didn't belong in his country. >> what country did he say -- >> he did not. i left after that. >> when i hear about somebody not respecting a member of our military, i can certainly a
're looking forward to that. >>> and you're looking at what may be the latest picture of katherine jackson with her family. there's new details emerging about a feud -- actually, a fight at the jackson family home. relatives were trying to remove michael's children. you see some of the family members out in the driveway. >>> also, the boss' big secret. bruce springsteen really opened up in this interview in "new yorker magazine," talking about his personal battle during the height -- when he was sky-rocketing to the top of his career. he was dealing with some real problems. >> and nobody knew. >>> and the campaign trail like you've never seen it. will ferrell has our votes today. >> congressman cam brady. >> you saw the film? >> i did. really funny. >>> we're going to begin with the details of michael jackson's feuding family and the king of pop's kids caught in the middle of it all. police called to the family home on monday. there's new surveillance video of the family fight playing out if the driveway. abc's nick watt has the story from los angeles. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good
post" chairman don graham and publisher katherine waynus, our host, and a big thank you to penzance, the owner of the -- warren is a key player in the watergate scandal. and what you're going to hear onstage, there are lots of people in the audience who loomed large in watergate and i see a couple of them there. alexander butterfield, the man who revealed a taping system from the oval office came all the way from california tonight. and earl filbert, former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia profited quite a bit on "all the president's men." it was on the sixth floor downstairs in this building that 40 years ago this week there was a botched break-in. burglars working for president nixon who started it all and forever gave the suffix to every political scandal. those sixth floor offices with actually open tonight. 40 years ago they housed the democratic national committee headquarters, but tonight artist lori munn has done portraits of many of the figures, and we urge you to take a look on the way out. tonight we're going to keep the focus forward. how are watergate's lesson
, jermaine and randy jackson attempted to convince michael jackson's two oldest children to leave katherine jackson's california home with them, but paris and prince resisted. the video shows janet jackson apparently trying to take a cell phone away from 14-year-old paris jackson. on the video, randy and janet jackson appeared to be recording the incident with their cell phones. sheriff deputies broke up a scuffle minutes later involving randy and jermaine jackson and their cousin trent jackson. no one was arrested, although a battery report was taken and an investigation is ongoing. this incident comes amid a very public dispute over the whereabouts of katherine jackson. she was reported missing over the weekend, but later found. too much texting... is leading to a spike in carpel tunnel syn. syndrome..statistics show teenage girls between 13 and 17 send and receive an average of áá4-thousand 50áá texts per month.for teenage boys... it's more than 25- hundred.but sooe doctors insist... it's not just texting that's the problem. 129-134 "texting too much can cause a lot of problems, but
on the cause. 71 degrees right now. >> new details on the feud involving the jackson family. katherine jackson gave an exclusive interview and to abc news >> thursday morning, 4:53. we have some showers and thunderstorms with heavy rain embedded in southwest pennsylvania and about to clip northern west virginia. i think this was live through western maryland and the potomac highlands early this morning. we will keep an eye on the rain as it moves east. frostburg is 76 degrees, 64 in berkeley springs and inwood. 66 in frederick 71 in la plata 74 degrees in arlington. on our way to about 100 this afternoon. it will be hot and sticky. get the sprinkler going to keep cool through the afternoon. it will feel like 105-109 when you factor in the humidity. that's why we have the heat advisory in effect from noon until 8:00 p.m. there is the extended forecast. mid 90's tomorrow, 96. close to about 90 on the weekend. slight chance of storms today through saturday. >> no issues in virginia. that's good news. 95 between richmond and baltimore, everything running in our favor. in pretty good shape is traff
in the driveway of their grandmother katherine's california estate followed by their aunt janet, uncles randy and jermaine. trent jackson, the cousin currently taking care of the youngsters, claimed jermaine and the group tried to take the kids. >> janet jackson slapped paris jackson in the face. after the slap, janet jackson told paris jackson, you are a spoiled little [ bleep ]. paris jackson retaliated. paris jackson slapped janet jackson back, get the [ bleep ] of here. it was like a scene from "the jerry springer show." trent punched jermaine jackson in the mouth and grabbed randy in a headlock. >> reporter: paris, prince, and blanket have not seen their guardian katherine jackson for days. she is in arizona. the children believe she has essentially been kidnapped by michael jackson's siblings. many claim it is over money, jermaine wants a share of his dead brother's fortune. >> i believe katherine and the children as benefactors of the estate fall on one side. and then randy and jermaine and reeby, janet, and tito fall on the other side. >> reporter: now according to tmz, tj jackson, th
. >> still ahead, a new twist to the jackson family feud. katherine jackson finally talking. >> : the olympics have not kicked off yet, what one athlete has been kicked out of the games. credit agricole officials banned the triple jumper from the games after she posted tweets commenting on african immigrant incre greece and expressing support for the far-right party. everyone says that the comments were not a joke. >> relatives of michael jackson are fighting over his children and his estate and getting ugly. now the latest. >> the jackson family feud has taken another turn. a judge has granted the did jackson, the son of tito jackson, a temper regarding shipping -- temporary guardianship in the absence of their grandmother. >> i plan to immediately file to get her reinstated as guardian. >> the grandchildren claimed that they were caught off from the katherine jackson during her recent trip to arizona. katherine jackson said that she is returning to los angeles. >> there are rumors going around me that i have been kidnapped and held against my will. i'm here today to let ev
news.. all local.. all morning. 3 new this morning... a judge is suspending katherine jackson's role... as guardian to michael jackson's children. the development comes after their family feud became very public. stories emerged that mrs. jackson had been reported missing from her california home. her attorney ssys... she was held against her will.t-j jackson... the 34-year old son of michael's brother tito... is now the children's temporary guardian. president obama is announcing a new education initiative aimed at african americans today.he's expected to detail the plan in remarks he's making at the national urban league conference in new orleans. the white house says the president will then sign an executive order tomorrow. the order will help federal agencies work with communities to prepare black students for college and productive careers. mark zuckerberg will soon find out how much investors "like" facebook. facebook will release its first earnings report today as a public company.the social networking site is under pressure to show it can deliver solid growth and profits for
right now because they feel that katherine jackson's health is in danger. they feel at the same time that the executors of michael jackson's estate are fraudulent and stealing money, as randy jackson has said from the family. there are many issues. michael jackson's estate was $500 million in debt when he passed away. now, since he has died it is believed that the estate has earned about $1 billion. his family or at least katherine jackson, receives $86,000 a month as the guardian of the children to help take care of the children. now, if you do the math $86,000 isn't that much when you are talking about $500 million in earnings. >> kevin, who takes care of the children of michael jackson? >> that's katherine jackson. when katherine jackson is out of town, there are nannies and trent jackson who drives katherine jackson, who helps take care of the children. marlon jackson is staying at the house while he's out here in california. there's a constant stream of family inside the house and around the house. it's not like the kids are home alone. there's a myth that
free. artists being able to create beautiful things to inspire people like he wanted. >> katherine, he had a strange obsession with the number seven and with chairs. me why those two things in the pictures all the time. >> michael was a seventh child. his name had seven letters in it. he would always talk about that. the number seven means completeness in the bible. >> there is like a lucky number for him. >> for him. >> what about the chairs. why did he like draws or paining chairs? >> he an obsession with chairs. not a plain chair, but chairs that you see had a lot of art in it. a lot of curves and other things like that. he would draw. >> there is one prophetic picture of a little boy sitting on his own in a corner. just seeing it now on the screen. michael had written next to this in his handwriting before you judge me, try hard to love me. look within your heart and ask have you seen my childhood? what do you think he meant by that? >> i don't know what, i couldn't tell you. that is the picture i have one too. like that. are you showing it? >> yeah, we are looking at it now. it's
calling for help that she hadn't seen her grandmother for more than a week. so, where is katherine jackson? >>> hey, good morning. on this day, that we'll see the president of the united states making a trip to aurora, colorado, to visit with the victims of the movie theater massacre. >>> also this morning, this abc news exclusive. videotape of the suspect james holmes as an intern at a science camp back in 2006. the man who allegedly imitating the joker, booby trapping his apartment like a mad scientist. here, described as a soccer-lover. >> better game than rock, paper and scissors. it's aparentally a professional sport. >>> lot of new information coming out about the investigation. we know that holmes is being held in isolation and while police are interviewing people who know holmes, they insists that he acted alone. police have safely removed all of the 30 separate explosive devices from his apartment. last night they detonated them out of harm's way. >>> let's not forget this, all of the victims. their names have been released. >>> let's get right out to colorado where david muir is
's mother katherine after she was reported missing over the weekend. where is she and why is michael's daughter paris saying she hasn't heard from her in a week. >>> are there ready with the olympic games nour days -- four days away. the count down has begun. the olympic torch has arrived in london and so have we today, monday, july 23rd, 2012. >>> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," countdown to the olympic games with matt lauer, live from olympic park in london, england, and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> and good morning and welcome to a special split edition of "today" monday morning. i'm matt lauer in london's olympic park. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie in studio 1a. matt, it looks beautiful there. how is it going so far? >> it is nice. let me give awe lay of the land. i'm in olympic park. behind me you can see olympic stadium. by its side you see the viewing tower a lot of people love and a lot of people hate. just below that you see some of the aquatic center and that will be the source of the scen
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. and that's because of all this drama that's been going on in the last two weeks of taking katherine jackson out of the house for 10 days, the children not being able to speak to her, and just a lot of things that have just been happening so they're looking at what's in the best interest of the children. >> all of this is surrounding michael jackson's will where he left all of his assets to his children and mother, and claire tee, and he left nothing to his siblings. and, of course, now we're getting reports that his estate is worth over a billion dollars. >> right. and so that, i think, is what's generating all the buzz and the activity with his seven siblings and wanting to figure out some way that they can gain access to the money. bottom line, it's about greed. >> isn't that unfortunate. i guess it happens in so many families, and when you have a lot of money, then you are going to have situations like this. poor katherine, the mother of michael jackson, how upsetting this must be to her, that her children are fighting each other. >> and that she's in the middle, because she's in the mid
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. >> katherine jackson takes michael's three kids to see their uncles in concert. the bizarre new twist in the jackson family feud as new information emerges that some of michael's siblings were banned from katherine's estate. >> who's in, who's out. what will happen to michael's millions and is the biological mother of paris and prince about to step back into the picture? >> the latest on kristen stewart cheating scandal. is this truck moving pattinson out of their l.a. home? is the "twilight" twosome even speaking to each other? >>> the dancing all-stars. >> i wasn't disappeared to hear pamela anderson is coming back. >> new video of pam out celebrating. >> are you going to practice some moves tonight?
's fortune. >> i believe katherine and children who are the benefactors of the estate fall on one side, and randy and jermaine and janet and tito fall on the other side. >> reporter: now according to tmz, t.j. jackson, the children's 34-year-old cousin is making a bid to become their temporary guardian. injurem jermaine claims the children are being manipulated. that they can visit katherine any time. >> grandkids respect her. when she's not there there's a void in the family. >> reporter: michael jackson's estate is worth about a billion dollars. two of his former managers will be in court asking for unpaid commission. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. >>> thanks to t.j. for sorting that out for us. >> another victim of a gruesome truck crash in south texas has died. police now think the accident was caused by a tire that separated. 15 people have passed away and 8 are still in this hospital after sunday's crash. all 23 people packed into the truck are believed to be illegal immigrants who had just crossed into texas. >>> and the los angeles city is cracking down on medical marijuana s
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